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About Us

The team at Little's Photography and THE FRAME STUDIO, Jennifer, Bela, Khye, Melanie, Rahki, Bari, Valerie, Don and Jelty, have a winning combination of youthful energy, creative artistry, and 17 years of being a leader in the photographic industry. Our full time studio in Fort Lauderdale is always buzzing with local clients as well as those who travel up from the Keys and down from Palm Beach. We operate by appointment only so that we can give each client the undivided attention they deserve.

We have a recognizable signature style, but we often reach beyond what's expected and even surprise ourselves with something new and fresh. Our clients don't want pictures that look like everyone else's and encourage us to take risks and be creative both during and after the shoot. Whether it's a burst of laughter or a tearful embrace, genuine emotion is our top priority. We can also take the traditional route when the scene and scenario call for it.

We are ready to preserve the love you feel for each other, and the genuine laughter you will share. We will bring our best selves to act as guides through your experience. Never for a moment forgetting, how special the moment is and how lucky we are to share it with you.

The Team and Little's Photography and THE FRAME STUDIO

  • Bela Bela
  • Jelty Jelty
  • Khye Khye
  • Bari Bari
  • Jen Jen
  • Lola Lola
  • Melanie Melanie
  • Don Don
  • Helene Helene
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Our Values

  • We love our clients and they love us
  • Great portraits can only come from a great experience
  • We are artists, not just employees
  • Family owned and operated since 1996
  • We use two professionals in your family shoot