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New Orlando Location

Hey Everyone

Happy New year. I know thats coming late but the Little family has been
very busy. We have spent the last month moving into a new studio. I
know that it may have come as a shock to some of you that we would
move from such a great location on the corner of such a busy
intersection in Winter Park. I have been approached by so many of you
asking "Did you close your studio". The answer is No. We just simply
moved down the street. As many of you may know from being repeat
clients over the years, we moved things around a lot trying to make
that building work for us. It only took 11 yrs for us to figure out
that we needed a different kind of space. A space that was more open
and felt more like a studio. A space where we could have parties and
events and everyone would be able to park (safely). A place that was
inspiring for us to be in everyday as well as our clients. Our New
studio is all of those things and more. We encourage everyone to come
by and check us out. 1221 N. Mills Ave Orlando Fl 32803. We would love
to see and hear from you. Look for an invite to our Grand Opening, it
will be some time in the spring. Have a fulfilling year!- Julie Little

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