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Blog Posts in 2011

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Little's Photography Camera Classes Start January 3rd!

Is Santa bringing you a new camera this Christmas? Or do you just want to get more amazing pictures of your family or friends with the camera you have? If you answered yes, then Little’s ...
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the boudoir aficionado is coming to town

Been appreciating your outer and inner beauty lately? If you're like me, you may have had the thought... "I'm looking AND feeling pretty good lately!" Take a night to celebrate with ...
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Keegan's 1st year at Little's Photography

Keegan Brin is no stranger to our Fort Lauderdale portrait studio. At 10 days, she arrived to have her new born photo shoot, weighing in at just 4.5 pounds. Holding Mommy and Daddy's fingers, ...
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Happy Holidays From The Team!

Your friends at Little’s Photography would like to wish you a wonderful Holiday and a prosperous New Year! It has been a busy holiday portrait season here at the studio and we wanted to take a ...
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Larissa and Adam's Wedding

Larissa & Adam’s wedding album is ready! Looking through it, reminded me all over again, what a great day it was for everyone. The Wedding was at the Omphoy Resort in Palm Beach, under the ...
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Galleria Mall Photography Exhibit

Have you seen our new display at the Galleria Mall in Fort Lauderdale? We highlighted the different milestones that clients often choose a professional photographer to capture for them. Maternity ...
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Lola & Benny

This week Danielle brought in her little Benny to keep Lola company! What with the holiday portrait season rush, Lola had been feeling a little lonely, so they both kept each other company and enjoyed ...
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The Best Holiday Cards

In the world of portrait photography, 'Tis the season! With the holidays literally at our doorsteps, everyone is preparing to decorate, buy gifts, and of course send out Christmas Cards! Danielle ...
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Thanksgiving Weekend Sale

Are you doing holiday shopping online this weekend? Just in time for the holidays you can get 50% off of gift certificates that can be used for photography through Little’s Photography or custom ...
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To Be a Family Photographer in the Holiday Season...

Long hours, impossible deadlines, high pressure, lots of clothing suggestions, calendar juggling, phones ringing, faces full of anticipation… bright lights, big eyes, happy faces, excited ...
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Camera tips: You can use your flash in daylight too!

If you are like most people, the flash on your point-and-shoot is set to automatic and you believe that flash is made to use only in dark or low-light situations. It comes as a surprise for many to ...
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Family Portraits at the Beach

Here in South Florida, we have the very best teachers- that is for family photography. From our great year-round weather, to the crystal clear blue ocean, you can't ask for a better background for ...
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Sensational Holiday Cards

PorEvery year friends and family look forward to sending and receiving Christmas cards and holiday cards. Christmas Photo Cards At Little's Photography we love to specialize holiday cards just for ...
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Big Beautiful Bridal Portraits

It’s only one day, but we can make it last forever.
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3 Generation Family Photo Shoot

You only get so many chances in your lifetime to capture a 3 or 4 generation family portrait. In my 15 years of experience having a family portrait studio, most people regretfully wait until someone ...
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Family Photography for the Holidays

It ‘s that time of year. The time when families convene in one spot to celebrate their holiday traditions. The time when you see family members you have not seen in years. The time when being ...
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Stephanie's Family Photo

My grandmother has been visiting from Venezuela for the past couple of months, and before she went back home I decided to to a three-generation portrait shoot with her and my father. It was a ...
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Camera Classes at Little's Photography - Learn How To Use Your Camera!

Camera classes at Little’s Photography are starting up again! These classes will dramaticallyimprove your photographs, and your understanding of the camera you have and what all those buttons ...
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Not Your Typical Senior Photo

This year is going to fly by! Call now to schedule your SENIOR PHOTO SESSION 954-563-0444
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Senior Stars at Little's Photography

Have you seen a BAD senior portrait? One that will continue to horrify and embarass that senior in front of their friends for the rest of their life? A better question, how do you keep this from ...
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Keegan's First Birthday Photo Shoot

Keegan did her 3rd photo shoot with us yesterday on her very First Birthday. We have watched her grow all year from a precious new born at just under 6 pounds, to an adorable baby girl full of spunk ...
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MOPS of Fort Lauderdale

Little’s Photography was invited to speak at the Mom’s of Preschoolers (MOPS) group this morning in Fort Lauderdale. Danielle, Corey, and I (Jennifer) each spoke about the three elements ...
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Florida Beach Weddings

This is what we love about photographing beach weddings. They are carefree, casual and full of romance.
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Family Fun Including The Dogs!

We love it when our clients include the dog in their family portraits. We totally understand what it is to have a pooch that is an integral part of the family. Our dog, Lola, is at the photography ...
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Fun with Your Photographer... We love our jobs.

Gallery At Little’s Photography, we truly love our job as photographers and it shows. When you come in for a photography session in our studio we guarantee you will have a good time. After 15 ...
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