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How many times after a great event or evening of celebration have you wished you took more photographs to remember it? Or maybe on a disappointing review of the previous night’s photos, you wish you’d had a steadier hand behind the camera? This is an all too common occurrence among event planners and organizers.

At Little’s Photography, we know that after all of the planning and excitement leading up to an event, there’s nothing worse than your camera battery running out just before the birthday girl blows out the candles, leaving you thoroughly disappointed the next day.

But this doesn’t have to be the case. Your event photography doesn’t need to disappoint. Your photos are the only things that exist after everyone has gone home and the leftovers are eaten up.

At your next event, extend an invite to Little’s Photography and our event photographers will attend as unobtrusive observers. They’ll even show up early. And in return, they’ll leave you with artistic event photography that truly tells the story of your event, just like the amazing pictures showcased above from the Red Cross Military Ball. So you and your guests will have beautifully crafted, long-lasting impressions of your celebration.

After an initial consultation, we’ll assess your needs to find out what exactly you’re looking to get out of the professional event photography in terms of style and subjects. It’s your chance to let us know how you’d like to remember your special event.

With Little’s Photograpy you’ll never regret not taking enough photos or be ashamed of the quality of your images again. Because when you hire our professional photography services, that’s exactly what you get.

From formal corporate events, to more relaxed family gatherings, we’re focused on capturing your memories – big or small, offering you a complete photography service that you’ll be tempted to call on again and again. And, we come with extra batteries.

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