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Can You Do Candid?

At Little’s Photography, we love candid photographs. Un-posed photographs, if taken correctly, can make far more compelling images than posed and stiff ones. Spontaneous images can touch people’s hearts and souls in a completely different way than more forced photographs.

Photos represent memories and the main reason for a photo of someone is to remember them. But how can we remember what someone was really like if they’re worrying about what they look like, about a little flyaway hair, or the way their shirt keeps twisting to the right? If those types of details and annoyances are on the mind of the subject, we can’t really expect to get an idea of the real them when they’re not being themselves.

If you want to capture the real you, friend of family member, consider a candid photo shoot at Little’s Photography. Candid photography is an art form and a good candid photographers needs a great eye for detail as well as a good feeling for what is natural and raw.

At Little’s Photography, we have the tools and expertise to capture high quality, candid images that portray real, honest emotion. Our experts don’t ask you to pose or stand up straight. They simply ask that you be yourself and try to ignore the camera. You’ll probably need a little time to get used to it, but the results can be spectacular.

Our candid photography style can be used for event photography, family photography, wedding photography and any other special time in a way that no other type of photography can. Our photographers can accompany you and your family to a special place where you do the things you like to do, such an outdoor picnic. The photographer is simply there to document the moment itself, without forced smiles, forced laughs or make-up brushes. So go ahead and enjoy yourselves! It’ll be a picnic!


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