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Senior Stars: Little's Senior Portraits

Have you ever seen a BAD senior portrait? One that will continue to horrify and embarrass that senior in front of their friends for the rest of their life? A better question is, how do you keep this from happening to YOU?

Don’t hire a dorky photographer, it will make you feel uncomfortable.

Don’t settle for standing in line to wait your turn only to be rushed in and out.

Don’t go unprepared, or with a low expectation of what you want and deserve.

Don’t believe the myth that you’re not photogenic or that it’s going to be torture.

Times have changed since your parents days as high school seniors. It’s not enough to have great pictures. Our seniors want to have a great time and a memorable experience too. They want to be surronded by the people, places, and interests that make up who they are. Love the beach? Let’s go! Want to show off your stiletos on the town? Las Olas it is! Are you obsessed with football? Let’s see your moves on the field. Want to bring a buddy? Or two or three? We can do that too.

Our seniors want to relieve the pressure of being in front of the camera, by having a lot of preparation and a good relationship with the photographer. Don’t kid yourself, you won’t like your pictures if you don’t feel like your true self. That’s why we are here. Jennifer, Corey and I are known for creating a great atmosphere that lets you be yourself. We take our time. We make sure you feel comfortable. We are never going to ask you to smile. Instead, we will create a situation that makes you want to laugh.

Now, you are finally at the age where you can make some decisions for yourself. Looking back you will either have great senior portraits or you won’t. Be happy with the photographer you choose. Don’t think for a second that when you get that quick photo-op for your yearbook picture, that it has to stop there. That picture says nothing about who you are. At Little’s, we want to discover what makes you unique and inspire you to be real.

This year is going to fly by, call us now to get it started! 954-563-0444

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