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Your Wedding Day. Your Story.

Having attended numerous clients’ South Florida weddings, we know the extent of planning that goes into your special day. We know how long it takes to finalize the guest list. We know how many trips to the tailor it takes to get your dress just so, and we know that planning your menu around a vegan, a vegetarian and a lactose intolerant cousin, but your wedding day is no time for such frustrations.

Very simply, your wedding day is not about the centerpieces or the menu, and it’s not about what the guests take with them as they saunter off into the night after a few too many champagnes. When it comes down to it, your wedding day is really only about two people, standing in front of each other, telling one another they would like to spend the rest of their existence together.

Leave it to Little’s Photography to capture your storyline as no other wedding photographer would; in unique and compelling ways that will be interesting for decades to come. Of course, as innovative wedding photographers it is our job to document the fruits of your labor; the hours and hours of work and planning that went into your special day and each small detail that made it what it was, but our main priority is to capture the emotions and the objects that tell the story of your love and the people who came to witness it. Simple, when you think about it. Isn’t it?


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