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3 Generation Family Photo Shoot

You only get so many chances in your lifetime to capture a 3 or 4 generation family portrait. In my 15 years of experience having a family portrait studio, most people regretfully wait until someone gets sick or even worse before they see the value of having a fun loving portrait. Others are overly concerned with waiting for the next grand child to be born (or conceived!) not realizing that can go on and on for years. Meanwhile the older generations are getting older and older.

The best advice I can give to anyone who will have all their family together this Thanksgiving or Christmas, is to schedule an appointment for a family photo shoot. It’s something you may only get one shot at. It is also something you will cherish along with future generations to come. Let us worry about making it fun, and showing your best side. Most of our clients testify that it is a highlight of their “family time” together.

We have limited appointments available for the 3 days following Thanksgiving and the 4 days following Christmas. That’s perfect for when the kids are home from college, the grandparents are in town, or the whole family is feeling “the love”.

Call the studio and we’ll tell you what appointments are still available. 954-563-0444


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