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MOPS of Fort Lauderdale

Little’s Photography was invited to speak at the Mom’s of Preschoolers (MOPS) group this morning in Fort Lauderdale. Danielle, Corey, and I (Jennifer) each spoke about the three elements that work together to create beautiful and emotional photographs. Corey, who has the unique ability to take a common every day scene and turn it into a pleasing and exciting image, spoke about the technical side of knowing how to use your camera. He made the analogy that having a $1000 camera with $.25 worth of knowledge is similar too taking back your car at the end of a lease and then finding out you had power windows… Most of what Corey has to teach, is available in his Monday night beginners camera class. (RSVP only)

Danielle, our studio manager, spoke about composition and the importance of interesting angles and simplifying back grounds. While I focused on getting genuine emotion out of your subjects. The women in the audience were very receptive and had lots of questions about how to get great pictures of your own kids. I gave them a few pearls of wisdom that I learned from my dad David Little, who mastered the art of “Child Whisperer” many years ago.

When asked how many women were already thinking about their Christmas Card this year, almost every one of the 40 women in the room raised there hand. My suggestion was, make it a family shot. Your children will have 10,000 pictures of themselves growing up, but very few of the family. If you can not hire a professional photographer to shoot it for you, then ask a friend to be your photographer. Your children and spouse our more likely to listen to your friend, than they are to you. When all else fails… call our portrait studio and we’ll show you how the pro’s do it.

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