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Pepper the Dachsund

Almost every Saturday, I get the opportunity to meet new and interesting people. One of my favorite parts of being a professional photographer is inviting our newest clients in to our portrait studio for their very first photo shoot with Little’s Photography. Last Saturday was especially interesting because I got the chance to meet a movie star! Maurice and Valerie brought their adorable Dachshund, Pepper to our photography studio. This was Maurice and Valerie’s first professional photo shoot together, and of course, they were nervous. But for Pepper, this was a walk in the park. This dog has had experience in front of the camera; he has starred in a movie all about dogs! As a pup, he was born and raise in New York City. So it’s no surprise that he became the main character of a wonderful documentary about New York dogs. I am always excited to get the opportunity to photograph different subjects in our portrait studio. And I was thrilled to work with such a sweet dachshund.

The best part of the entire experience was watching the expressions on Maurice and Valerie’s faces when they came back to our Fort Lauderdale photography studio, sat down in our portrait gallery, and for the first time, saw their family portraits on the big screen (Well, not a ‘movie screen’ but a 50 inch flat screen;) I love knowing that I had made their day. I gave them a chance to see how they love each other, and especially their wonderful dog, Pepper. This movie really shows you how much fun they had during their photo shoot. It is one of those experiences in life that you will always look back on and smile. And once they have their framed portraits hanging on their walls, they will walk by them everyday and remember the jokes and laughs, the hugs and kisses, and the closeness they all share as a loving family.

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