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Ernie & Stephani's Book

A New Take on the Original Signature Guest Book

When Julie and I photographed Ernie & Stephani’s engagement shoot, I had such a great time and I knew that we had captured some beautiful moments. I was so excited to see the outcome of such fun and playful photos of the couple in love! The next step was passing the images over to Corey to create a signature guest book for their upcoming wedding day. I felt I had to share a little bit of it with all of you, because I was just thrilled at how great it turned out! Now Ernie and Stephani will not only have a beautiful guest book for all of their family and friends to sign and write their well-wishes, but they will have a special photo album all wrapped in one- now they’ll be sure to take it off the shelf in years to come instead of just tucking it away like happens with most signature guest books. I think that the photos have added a beautiful sense of intimacy to the guest book that will make and keep it a very special memento for years to come.

I’m so looking forward to shooting the upcoming wedding!


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