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WPPI Photography Convention 2011

The WPPI Photography Convention is one of the largest exhibitions in the photography industry.

16,000 photographers from all around the country attended this big event. There was an amazing assortment of photography and imaging products and services from the industry’s top leading manufacturers, and great classes ranging from basic lighting techniques to selling your photography. Let me say one thing: THIS IS THE PLACE TO BE!

Wow! Did we learn a lot!

I am overwhelmed with the amount of new information and ideas we collected during this week of ‘hard work’. Our creative team came home to our South Florida photography studio with great new ideas for expanding our business, our brand and our style of photography. Little’s Photography’s team of 4 employees did more than just work hard. We had fun and enjoyed ourselves too! Check our our awesome slideshow that shows it all.

Keep in touch with us on Facebook and our website. We have so many new ideas to show off. Your family portraits will never be the same! Don’t miss out on any of our new special photography events and offers that will be going on all year long! Like us on Facebook, if you are a client we will post your portraits on our page so you can tag yourself!

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