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Blog Posts in 2013

Fall Festival Photo Op for Charity

Fall Festival Photo Op for Charity Child & FAMILY PORTRAITS with the Farm All Tractor and a pumkin patch. Little’s Photography is partnering with Marando Farms on Saturday, October 26 th to ...
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Birthday Surprise

Last night Little’s Photography and THE FRAME STUDIO got to share a very special birthday celebration with our clients Erica and Bill Britton. Several weeks ago we got a phone call from Bill ...
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Our Website Update

Little’s Photography has updated our website – check it out – is your picture up there?
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Little's Photography at the Mall

Jennifer and Bari from Little’s Photography will be at The Galleria Mall this Friday, Saturday and Sunday. This is a special opportunity to meet us and discuss all your options for Holiday ...
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Is It Live or A Photo

We love it when our display at the Galleria Mall in Fort Lauderdale comes to life. We especially love it when it is one of our beautiful Pine Crest School Seniors walking by her own image and someone ...
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The Last Senior

This was it…. done…. hundreds of smiles; lots of laughter; thousands pictures – today we photographed the final 2013 Pine Crest Senior (thank you Brent!). This year was even better ...
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All Around Town

We here at Little’s Photography have been busy bees photographing the talented seniors of Pine Crest School. Our custom Lifestyle Photo Sessions take place all over town in numerous fun, lively ...
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New Hire

Hello! I am Little’s newest hire, Amanda Findeiss, and I wanted to introduce myself to everyone. My family has always been close, especially when my maternal grandmother moved in with us 20 ...
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A Photography Tip From Camera Class 101

Yea….. last night I officially completed Little’s Photography Camera Class 101. We talked about lighting & I learned a really simple, basic rule for photos of people who are posing ...
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Congratulations Graduates - Hello New Seniors

Little’s Photography is so proud and excited for all the Pine Crest Senior students graduating tomorrow. You have accomplished so much and will continue to do so as you move forward. You have ...
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Junior League - A Celebration of 2011-2012

Another great year for the Junior League of Greater Fort Lauderdale. If a picture is worth a thousand words then enjoy a hundred thousand words of fun, accomplishment and celebration in under five ...
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Our Mission Statement

Here at Little's Photography, our mission... ... is to enjoy our clients and the time we spend creating portraits with them. We do this by providing them with a fun, exciting, and unique ...
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The 12th Annual River Walk Run

Little’s Photography was up and out early on the morning of Saturday, March 24, 2012 to photograph The 12th Annual River Walk Run a 5 mile, 5K run / walk sponsored by the Junior League of ...
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Little's Photo Albums

Memories... Creating memories are why we take pictures. Watching your children grow, celebrating a special occasion, commemorating your love. These are just some of the milestones in life we want to ...
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Sunrise Pregnancy Photo Session

Little's Photography is enjoying the results of our test photo sessions. Experimenting with new off camera lighting techniques can be intimidating. But when your subject is as beautiful and easy ...
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Got a new camera, but don't know how to use it?

Beginner's Camera Classes at Little's Photography We are so thrilled to introduce our upcoming Little's Photography Camera Classes! Here at our Fort Lauderdale portrait studio we will be ...
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Baby Kate at Six Days

This is baby Kate at her first official photo shoot this morning- check out that adorable smile she flashed us! It’s so much fun to watch the newborns and their squirming little features as they ...
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