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The Last Senior

This was it…. done…. hundreds of smiles; lots of laughter; thousands pictures – today we photographed the final 2013 Pine Crest Senior (thank you Brent!).

This year was even better than the first. We were a well oiled machine bringing the seniors in, getting them fitted for their formal portraits, taking candid fun photos and having a good time.

So far we only shoot the senior portraits for Pine Crest School, but other private schools have been asking…..

Since we celebrate EVERYTHING here with a photo or two, this is the team that made it happen.

From right to left we have Suzanne, Danielle, our senior Brent, Jennifer, Bari & Bela.

A VERY SPECIAL SHOUT OUT AND THANKS TO DANIELLE who shot her heart out and gave each and every senior her best.

Student Testimonials:

“Joyride” ….. Max & Zach

“It was my first time being photographed in a studio I was pretty nervous, but it turned out to be a lot of fun and I had a great time” ….. Farhaan

“The photo session was a lot of fun with no stress. They made it real natural and like I could trust that they were doing what was best. I loved their spirit; it was very catchy” ….. Sarah

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