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I am Little’s newest hire, Amanda Findeiss, and I wanted to introduce myself to everyone. My family has always been close, especially when my maternal grandmother moved in with us 20 years ago. Jennifer’s father, Dave, did my family’s first photo shoot years ago in 2007 on the beach. Dave was able to capture my grandmother so well in a fantastic photo. Two years ago, when my grandmother passed away at the age of 96, we knew exactly which photo to use at her service. We had a 20 x 24 print made of this portrait for the service. The photo still hangs in our home, in a place of honor.

The premise to the photo was the following—Dave told my grandmother to hide behind the tree and then poke her head out around it… So simple, right? My family was so lucky to find Little’s Photography when we did. When my grandmother took this photo she was already 91. She always said that my sister and I kept her young at heart, and I can only hope that I will be the same way one day.

I am so happy to be the newest member of the Little’s family, and I hope that Little’s Photography can be as special to your family as it is for mine.


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