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Birthday Surprise

Last night Little’s Photography and THE FRAME STUDIO got to share a very special birthday celebration with our clients Erica and Bill Britton.

Several weeks ago we got a phone call from Bill telling us his wife Erica was about to celebrate a big birthday and with our help he was going to pull off a big surprise for her. How could we say no? We worked our special magic and spent a fun filled hour photographing the Britton kids, Lauren, Alexander and Zachary. Bill and his daughter came in a few days later and selected a series of portraits as well as choosing custom framing with museum glass from THE FRAME STUDIO that highlight the fantastic images. All without Erica ever suspecting a thing.

When Erica arrived at her birthday dinner (girls night out) last night she found Jennifer Little and Bela Kiss standing there next to a series of easel’s with large pictures turned away. Jennifer called Erica to the front of the room to read a letter from Bill, Lauren, Alexander & Zachary as Bela unveiled each of the framed portraits for her to see.

Yes, she cried.

Every one here at Little’s Photography and THE FRAME STUDIO was so excited to be a part of such a beautiful and heart warming gesture by Bill Britton. In all honesty us ladies are putting him up for “Husband of the Year”. Bill’s response to us was that this is something “every parent should be doing every two years, time goes way too fast”.

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