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Blog Posts in 2014

Little's Photography is like family!

When I first walked through the doors of Little's Photography in January of 2012, there were 2 things that made an impression on me. First, I loved everything I saw - from the gorgeous family ...
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Trust me | Little's Photography

As the Holidays get closer, there are so many last minute ideas I come up with. I think to myself "If I only would have thought about that a week ago, a month ago, a year ago…" Of ...
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Little's Photography and The Holidays

Every year I am charged with the task of decorating our storefronts for the holiday and of planning the annual holiday celebration for LIttle's Photography and THE FRAME STUDIO (and I love every ...
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Honoring Frank McGee

Honoring Frank McGee About one month ago Little's Photography spent the evening with the McGee's at their family reunion in Coral Springs. It was Frank's wish to have his whole family in ...
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It's Almost Christmas! | Little's Photography

One thing that we cheerily recite here in the offices of Little's Photography is "It's almost Christmas!" We actually say this all year 'round because it's our favorite time ...
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Stop your excuses and schedule your damn shoot!

The Magic Day has arrived! Everyone WANTS to have an amazing family portrait, we're all PLANNING on making it happen. Someday.. You know, that perfect day when everyone's schedule is open, ...
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Why Little's Photography?

Three years ago I selected Little's Photography to take my family portraits to celebrate a big birthday for mom. Just a few months later I came to work for Little's Photography and THE FRAME ...
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The Holidays are on their way! | Little's Photography

It's hard to believe that it's already October and your mind is thinking about the holidays! I'm sure you're thinking of vacations, gifts, parties, cooking, and HOLIDAY CARDS! Now is ...
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It's not too late to have your own Lifestyle shoot.

Your senior year is finally here, and now it’s almost over! This is your last chance to have Little’s Photography capture what is most important to you and have it go down in your personal ...
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Incorporating Family Portraits as Art in your Home

Today we are featuring a Guest Blogger: Mary Scott Canada owner of The Painted View, South Florida’s leading boutique renovation, remodeling and decoration firm – See more at: ...
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Little's Photography and the Frame Studio Expansion - FINALLY!!

When the space next to us suddenly became available in September 2013, we knew we had to grab it! We have been busting at the seams around here for a while now, with all of us packed in like sardines. ...
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What's it like to work at Little's Photography and THE FRAME STUDIO

What’s it like to work at Little’s Photography and THE FRAME STUDIO. That’s the question we asked ourselves. Bela “Proud to have these companies and a fun atmosphere (most of ...
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Little Love Sessions

There is no way to really express what it is like when a “love session” shoot reaches that peak where the couple in front of the camera forgets they are being photographed and they simply ...
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