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As the Holidays get closer, there are so many last minute ideas I come up with. I think to myself "If I only would have thought about that a week ago, a month ago, a year ago…" Of course everyone has the same thoughts running through their minds. And of course this is where I insert the shameless plug for Little's Photography. This is Helene speaking to you, and I do all the scheduling for your Photo Shoots. I am the person on the other end of the phone assuring you that your Family Shoot will be a fun and rewarding experience as well as a memorable one.

We are lucky living here in South Florida where it is sun shiny all the time! We can do Photo Shoots in the park, or on one of Fort Lauderdale's beautiful beaches. If you're not the outdoorsy type, we highly recommend our photography studio where the environment is at a lovely stress free temperature of 72 degrees. Just knowing that I have air conditioning seals the deal for me.

Stress free, you ask? Yes. I out of anyone can completely relate to the stresses that lead up to a photo shoot. For instance, we did our Holiday group photo shoot this week. Everyone was told what color to wear and what "look" we were going for. I'm one of those, "I should've lost 50 pounds last week", "my hair doesn't look right" and "why can't I wear all black?" kind of gal. I know almost everyone reading this can agree they've had those thoughts before. Well believe me when I say that all those thoughts dissipate as soon as you meet Jen and Khye. They are the team of two that makes those custom wall portraits come to life on your Family Room walls. We had so much fun during our shoot that I hadn't even realized 45 minutes had passed and we'd gotten well over 100+ different shots. We laughed, we goofed off, we poked fun at one another, we stood in awkward positions, we had the cutest baby in the world there…it was so much fun! End result was a super fun experience with adorable team photos. Please trust me when I say if you think "I should have done that" or "I could never do that" erase the thoughts from you mind, and call me. (954)563-0444

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