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Incorporating Family Portraits as Art in your Home

Today we are featuring a Guest Blogger: Mary Scott Canada owner of The Painted View, South Florida’s leading boutique renovation, remodeling and decoration firm – See more at: http://www.thepaintedview.net/

Over the years The Painted View has worked with many clients organizing, matting and framing portraits of couples, families & pets for use as a design element in both homes and offices. Whether your style is modern, transitional or traditional this is a fun way to customize your home or office and is a very effect design tool. The range of the ‘portrait’ has expanded on many fronts and has become way more interesting as an art form. The framed portraits of everyone in white: dressy or casual, the oxfords: dressed down with jeans or up with khakis beautifully matted and framed are timeless accessories. However donʼt be afraid to shake things up and add some personality. Cross over into what we call portrait art.

Contemporary portraits feature people in studios, on beaches, in gardens or even parking lots just being themselves. They are fun and compelling. Forget the busts or everyone lined up with the stiff smiles, this new style creates a hip relaxed art and works fabulously for interior design. Like a living plant, these portraits breathe life into a room. Hung grouped together on an accent wall or a clean series, these images are priceless custom art and make a statement.

Since the substance of portraits is subjective it should not surprise you that the display format would be also. The designer you are working with should know what to recommend for your home or work place. If you are working with a framer yourself be uber descriptive as to what you are trying to achieve. Depending on the space available, the surrounding design aesthetic and the number of pieces to be hung, here are a few general suggestions:

1)Portraits should be custom matted and framed by professionals. Spend the money it will show.

2)Portraits from a single session hang together. Collection or contemporary series all need to live in the same area.

3)The most recent portrait(s) should be showcased. You can always add to the collection or replace them with newer images as you prefer.

4)Adding to a collection with other photos is terrific just remember newer matted & framed photos must compliment the original series.

5)Framing style(s) and matt color(s) must flatter the subject(s).

6)Less is more in framing portrait art. Whether you go for minimalist modern or heavy traditional the star of the show is the image and the framing must coordinate with the surrounding decor.

We are ardent fans of customizing things to suit your lifestyle. Seeing loved ones used in an artistic way to illustrate emotions without words is rewarding. When you need help getting your portrait session together, and are ready to frame a series or display a collection please contact us.

Mary Scott Canada

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