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It's Almost Christmas! | Little's Photography

One thing that we cheerily recite here in the offices of Little's Photography is "It's almost Christmas!" We actually say this all year 'round because it's our favorite time of year. What's amazing is that we say it so frequently and it still brings smiles to all our faces! My name is Helene, I answer the phones here at Little's Photography and THE FRAME STUDIO. I am the person that you book your photo sessions with, that checks on your orders for you, that chats about the weather with you and I make sure that you're taken care of in the best fashion. This week I have been receiving a lot of phone calls from existing clients, out of town clients, and South Florida local clients all wanting to do a family session for creating holiday cards. Talking to these clients about the holidays, about their families, and how wonderful their images will look with either a wall portrait or a holiday card, has put me in the Christmas spirit more than ever. I don't think I've stopped smiling once this week! I know that magic happens when we close the doors to the studio and the photo session begins. I know the tears of happiness that well up in your eyes when you see these images of you and your family. I know how impressed your friends and family are when they receive your holiday cards and see your framed wall portraits. All of this, every moment is what keeps that smile on my face. And one last thing, "IT'S ALMOST CHRISTMAS!!"

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