We don’t ask you to smile, it just kinda happens!
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Why Little's Photography?

Three years ago I selected Little's Photography to take my family portraits to celebrate a big birthday for mom. Just a few months later I came to work for Little's Photography and THE FRAME STUDIO

( this is my family)

I want to tell you about the people here, the people who will give their very heart and soul to make sure you love your portraits, your experience and yourself!

Jennifer Little is the visionary who sees your images in her mind before the camera shutter even clicks.

Khye Vogt is the photographer who sees your images in his lens and instinctively knows what works.

Melanie Courtney is the gallery representative guru, who sees your images hanging in your home in just the right way.

Don McNeill is the production department wunderkind who gets your images touched up so you look like you, just with perfect lighting.

Helene Davidson is the mom looking out for your images before they have been taken.

Bela Kiss and Jennifer Feltyberger are our master framers who will turn your family's images into works of art.

Me - I'm Bari Wiggins, client, book keeper, special projects and events and I will look at your images and know that you have selected the best photography studio in town to work with your family.

Our passion, commitment, dedication to quality and to our clients are Why you should choose Little's Photography.

We always say "We don't ask you to smile, it just kind of happens".

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Our Values

  • We love our clients and they love us
  • Great portraits can only come from a great experience
  • We are artists, not just employees
  • Family owned and operated since 1996
  • We use two professionals in your family shoot
Little's Photography

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