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Little's Senior Lifestyle Shoots are in Full Swing!

Hi there! This is Khye, the photographer at Little's Photography. We are in full swing this summer with Senior Lifestyle Sessions. Check this guy out - Jake is at the top of his game this year! Sliding into senior year FINALLY! Jake says he doesn't feel like a senior just yet, but is super excited about what is to come. It's crazy how long high school feels... the 12 years leading up to "your senior year". It feels like it will never come fast enough. Which is why memorializing this special time with a Lifestyle shoot is so important.

Jake and I had a blast on his Lifestyle shoot. We were fortunate enough to have permission to use the Pine Crest School Campus... and we took full advantage of it last week. We started at the lake, ended on the baseball field, and his whole family was there watching the fun we had. It was a little hot outside, but all was managable and great pictures are the result. Check out a lilttle sneak peek below from Jake's Lifestyle Shoot. To schedule your own Lifestyle shoot call our Studio at (954)563-0444.


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