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Not Photogenic? Ya, we know...

What a beautiful March day here in South Florida! My name is Helene, and mine is the friendly voice that greets you when you call the Little's Photography Studio. I answer all of your questions, address your concerns and schedule your photo sessions. I'm also the person that hears the phrase "I'm not photogenic" about a thousand times a day. I'm the first one to describe myself as not photogenic, so I get your point. No really, I got it.

However, I'm here to tell you it's time to let go of all the thoughts surrounding that statement. You called our Studio because you want Professional Photography by one of the best studios in Fort Lauderdale. That's us, Little's Photography. We are a boutique photography studio that's been turning out stunning portraits since 1996. Here's what we do to have you let go of your sentence "I'm not photogenic". It's our little family secret. It's been handed down through the centuries of this family photography business. It's not something that you'd ever think of. Are you ready to hear what we do? Are you sure? Well, here it is:

We make you laugh. Yes sir, yes ma'am, that's what we do. Think about it for a moment. When you laugh you are truly uninhibited. You aren't thinking about anything and you're certainly not repeating that sentence in your head. When you're laughing, you're natural, you're beautiful and you're having fun. Once that first laugh has permeated your lips and that gorgeous smile spreads across your face...that's when we got ya! You're having an extraordinary experience in our studio with your family and all of you are laughing. Think about how much you love your husband, your partner, your kids. Think about stealing that glance when they aren't looking. There it is, that natural smile, because you are so in love with them. You don't need to be photogenic to love your family. That's what we're photographing.

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Our Values

  • We love our clients and they love us
  • Great portraits can only come from a great experience
  • We are artists, not just employees
  • Family owned and operated since 1996
  • We use two professionals in your family shoot
Little's Photography

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