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Hi Everyone,

This is Khye, the awesome photographer at Little's Photography. I want to give everyone a quick heads up on how cool and user friendly Google Plus's new photo software is. The service is great for hosting, managing, organizing, editing and even sharing your photos. It gives you lots of really cool features to edit or enhance, whether you have them all automatically uploaded from your device, or if you upload them manually. Google+ gives you a place to back up and store your photos, connect to them, edit and enhance them, apply filters AND you can do all of this from any device! OR you can let Google+ do it for you with their " auto awesome" process. The " auto awesome" feature has some really cool artistic/vintage filters I haven't been able to find anywhere else. " Auto awesome" also has the feature to turn your shots into animated GIFs that capture multiple moments at once. Google+ will organize your photos into "moments" or "events," like your last vacation or a fun school trip. Then it creates galleries based off of the date of your upload. The software also does this super cool thing...it creates a 'stitch' which is a set of images put together to make a panoramic picture... I LOVE THIS FEATURE!

You don't even have to worry about backing up or saving your images, it does it for you! Having it create "stories" and "highlights" for you is so much easier to browse and share. Google+ photo has made photographing and organizing my son's first year of life fun and exciting. With all these cool new features it really entices me to want to shoot more and more. Best of all, it's free! I placed a link below if your interested in learning more about the software and how to set it up.



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