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Your baby is finally here ~ Baby Luxe Club

If you know Christie, and most of Fort Lauderdale does, then you might know that she recently became a mother. This news was like getting blasted by a fresh breeze on a hot day. It felt good!

Christie, an impressive woman in all areas of life, decided to become a mother and a single mother at that. When this woman puts her mind to something, all the typical road blocks fade into the back ground. She got into action and within a few months, she was selected from a sea of eager couples, by a young, healthy, beautiful birth-mother who knew Christie was the one. From the moment she held him in her arms, she knew they were always meant to be together. Needless to say, she is head over heals in love with the baby boy she named Cannon.

At Little’s Photography, we are dedicated to capturing the authentic connections between people. We design each photo shoot as a special occasion. The love story behind Christie and Cannon is special and we are thrilled knowing that the day will come when he will see in our pictures, how much he filled her heart.


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