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She is Fierce! We Love Jelty

She is Fierce! That’s for sure. She’s also clever, helpful, efficient, loving, funny, big hearted, thoughtful, and does impeccable work. I could go on and on but then you’d start to doubt that any one human being could be so awesome… but she really is that awesome.

If you have walked through the doors at Little’s Photography and/or THE FRAME STUDIO, then most likely you have met this extraordinary woman we are talking about. Her name is Jennifer Feltyberger AKA Jelty. The minute she hears the chime, she is up to greet you with a helpful smile and an intention to make sure you have a great experience during your visit. She is our resident expert for all things custom framing. She’s got 21 years of experience framing just about anything you can imagine and no project is too daunting. Here’s where you should be getting a sense of the Fierce-ness we are boasting about. It really truly doesn’t matter what you throw at her. She takes it on. From shattered glass, to complicated shadow boxes, and even desperate art owners who have no idea what to do with this or that. She will figure it out.

But it doesn’t stop there. She can also assist you with just about anything you need from Little’s Photography. Just short of actually photographing your family, you can’t stump her on the customer experience there either. If you need something... an answer, an appointment, a second opinion, or a custom made shipping box, then Jelty is going to take care of you and make you feel like it’s her pleasure to do so.

It’s not just the client’s experience that she thinks about. She is on a team with eight other people that she cares for. She remembers everyone’s birthday and makes sure everyone gets not only a card signed by the whole team but also a cake (or if you’re gluten free then you get a gluten free cake, or if you’re on a diet then you get fresh fruit with your candle.) You may do this in your workplace too, but in our environment EVERYONE is on their own schedule. EVERYONE is ALWAYS with a client. So she will check in with everyone’s calendar on your special day and have conversations with each team member to make sure they can work out an overlap where we can all gather, sing happy birthday and enjoy something delicious that she’s orchestrated. Jelty notices what is needed and she provides it. Recently one of our teammates had a particularly difficult day. She returned to her desk to find a “Bad Day Survival Kit”. Apparently, it did the trick. Sometimes you just need to know that someone cares. Everyone should be lucky enough to have a Jelty in their lives. Even though we are convinced our Jelty is one of a kind.

Jelty, you are loved and appreciated. Congratulations on being nominated for the first ever FEMALE FIERCE AWARD!

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