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What to Wear?

So...You've finally have a date picked out, gotten the kids together, your husband can take a day, and you immediately think: Family photo session! Well, maybe not "immediately", but it's a front runner thought for sure. You call us up, we get you on the calendar, and now you can breath. You can almost live in that blissfully calm space between scheduling that much needed family shoot and the day of. But, before you can move into your happy space, you run into that worrisome question: What do we wear? It's a million dollar question that I'm almost always asked. But no worries, Melanie calls you and goes over what colors photograph better than others, which patterns to avoid (all of them), and what to expect. The big day comes and you forget everything and have fun. No, really A LOT of fun. Because lets face it, 10, 15, 20 years from now when you look at your big wall portrait you won't remember who wore what. What you'll really remember are the laughs you shared, what you did afterwards and of course who shot you; Us!
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