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Beauty, Grace, and Grand jeté

“That is Incredible!” Is the first thing I thought when I saw this young girl #Grand jeté

across the beach like a gazelle. She made it look effortless with the smallest little puff of sand kicked up behind her. She left the ground so delicately. You could almost hear the swoosh in the silence as she leaped.

After we got this shot, Khye and I looked at each other like, “Whaaaaaat?!?!” Our eyes were popping out of our skulls. This is not a photoshop trick. This is the real deal. This beautiful young lady did this time and time again as we experimented with lights and silk scarfs. And, for all of those who read this and don’t know her, SHE’S 12! So unfair.

Thank you Carly and Christy for choosing Little’s Photography to capture this very special time in your life. We are committed to providing and capturing a fun and amazing experience for you through the art of photography, video and custom framing. The statement pieces we craft for you will stand the test of time and create a legacy for Carly and generations to come.

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