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Fierce Khye Vogt

Let it be known that our very first #FierceAward was presented yesterday to the team member who is recognized as being a huge contribution to our future as South Florida go to source for photography, video, and custom framing.

This person is managing our expansion like a straight up CHAMP!

While traveling the entire state of Florida photographing all of Gray Robinson’s Attorneys for their new website, he was also interviewing a new staff photographer and then training that photographer! This is immediately after having emergency surgery that kept him home for two weeks. As if that weren’t enough to win our first ever Fierce Award, he also managed to have integrity with all of his accountabilities running our production department and being responsible for quality control on every image the studio produces. And if that weren’t enough…

He also produced a whole new website just for our High School Seniors SeniorYear.Info and a catalogue of our latest work on exposure.co AND was the photographer and editor for three record breaking shoots in sales ANNNNND…!!!! assisted on our first ever #VirtualTourVideo for a vacation home rental property. Virtual Tour

You know what? There were also countless other things he did, like have fun with our clients, provide a comfortable space for them, and produce statement pieces that become part of a families legacy. Not bad for a young guy with a toddler at home and a new baby on the way. Talk about #Fierce. This is an Extraordinary Human Being! And at least for now, he’s ours!

Thank you Khye Vogt for all that you do for your team and thank you to your sweet family who shares you with us day and night. We appreciate all of you.

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