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Bigger is not better, Custom is better.

There are time where our clients want the biggest and largest print we offer, great, but bigger is not better, custom is better! We're in the business of making memories, not making photos. Your experience as a life long client starts the moment you decide to call us (Little's Photography), and schedule a photo shoot. People often love the idea of a family photo shoot on the beach or in the studio, but don't really have a plan for the photos after the shoot; we help with that. We couple technology and photography by using state of the art equipment that makes your life as a client a whole lot easier. After your photo shoot, we'll have you (our client) take a photo of the wall space where you plan on displaying your favorite portraits. We will then use that same photo to digital place your image on your wall and scale it to the appropriate size. Almost sounds complicated doesn't it? ...but let us worry about that part, all you have to do is...relax and smile. We've got you covered.
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Our Values

  • We love our clients and they love us
  • Great portraits can only come from a great experience
  • We are artists, not just employees
  • Family owned and operated since 1996
  • We use two professionals in your family shoot
Little's Photography

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