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We Love You Bari...Thanks for being Fierce.

She has a big heart, and a lot of power. She is highly consistent, dependable and loyal without being boring or predictable. She loves deeply and protects with all her might. SHE SAYS YES TO EVERYTHING!!!. She is a team player who can be the captain, or the wide receiver, or the defensive end, or the waterboy. She does what she promises and she will make sure you do too. She is our one and only... Bari.

Bari has the most seniority of anyone on staff and she’s been in multiple positions inside the company including the one and only client. She brings her professional experience to our wild west entrepreneurial style to join the two worlds. She manages the unmanageable. She tames the untameable. She stands in the middle of the madness and gets the dust to settle to reveal what’s really happening.

Bari has dealt with challenging problems inside her accountabilities at Little’s Photography and THE FRAME STUDIO. Problems like the crashing and rebuilding of our server. When no one had any answers, Bari started asking different question.

She has learned, customized, and taught a very complex, industry specific software system. This keeps us from being in the dark about what’s actually happening. She’s worked, re-worked, and re-worked numbers again. With me by her side saying things like, “Well what if we did it this way? What if we did it that way? Why is that like that? Why is this like this?

She’s mapped out complicated process and procedures and she’s instituted them and kept everyone accountable. Even recently taking on everyone’s calendar color coding obsession, cleaning it up, and making it useable again.

Yesterday, she did her first employee review with Bela and I. Acting as the human resources element we so need. Not only was it a great experience for everyone, but the structures that came out of that meeting (all captured with her famous colored pens) will make a huge difference for the company and for the employee being reviewed.

When you ask me what does Bari do for the company, my only response can be… what doesn’t she do?

We love you Bari. Thank you so much for your ongoing contribution to the team. The individuals on the team, and our big BIG game.

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