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Bela the Fierce! Our Little's Photography Team

He’s our Fearless Leader, our Rock of Gibraltar, our Protector and Provider and the one we can lean on when life throws you a left hook.

I could go on and on about how important he is to me and to the team. After 18 years of spending most of my days with him (still) I have lots of evidence of his total Fierceness! But for today, I decided to let his other “Work Wife” speak for all of us. Here is what she said when she nominated him for this coveted honor.

“I would like to nominate Bela for the Fierce Award. And it's not just because he saved my ass in framing when my brother died, but it's because he has used every single skill he has in his arsenal to do something, for everyone, this month. He took over framing when I was out for my brother's funeral. He is doing payroll for Bari while she is out with her father's funeral. He's been checking in orders for Don during the senior crunch. He helped Melanie get the laptop fixed so she can keep doing viewing. He hung new paper rolls for Rakhi so she can keep going with her photo shoots. He has done ordering and research of Khye's equipment issues. He's counselled Valerie on all of her car problems. And he already promised you that KK can learn to swim in his pool - all while still doing his job, paying the bills, and buying a house. Enough said?”

I think so Jelty. Enough said!

Thank you Bela for contributing the strength we all need to make it through anything. None of us would be here without you.

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