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Need a New Corporate Headshot? This One Trick Can Determine Your Future Career Success

Whether you are in a job searching phase and want to be at the top of your game or you are a business creating new headshots for your employees – headshots matter. In fact, there is one thing about your headshot that can lead to better job offers or if you are a business, improved business results.

So what’s the most important thing when you are setting out to take a new corporate headshot?

  • Is it background color for the picture?
  • Is it lighting or experience of the photographer?
  • The psychology of color around what you choose to wear?
  • A specific type of facial expression for your smile that conveys intelligence, competence and friendliness?

While there is data to support all of the above, actually there is one thing that is the most important element of a new headshot and the research proves it. It’s You! Well it’s the authentic experience of “you” being captured in your photo.

Headshots are a Visual Resume

We spend hours on our resumes and we expect a return on that investment. Have you ever considered that our faces are basically visual resumes? Not only will we will be judged on how we look, it will happen in 1/10th of a second!

LinkedIn leads the pack among social channels for professional networking and job recruiters. There is a wealth of research on how important your headshot is to your current and future career success. Here is some of that research:

  • 7x More Likely - You are seven times more likely to be seen if you have a profile picture. See the WSJ article here.
  • 94% of the Time - Recruiters use LinkedIn 94% of the time according to Job Seeker Nation
  • 1/10 of One Second - That’s all the time it takes for someone to draw conclusions about you based on your photo. Here is a link to the research study. If you would like to discover more about how split second judgements are made, check out this article from Psychological Science.

All Headshots are NOT Created Equal

We’ve all been there. We’ve taken a professional headshot and then the photo doesn’t look like us, or the expression on our face isn’t comfortable. So, does it matter? YES!

Our ability to read faces is one of human’s most developed visual perceptual skills. We judge attributes such as trustworthiness, aggressiveness and competence from facial appearance, according to research from the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden.

Sometimes we are asked, “Why does my headshot matter, as long as I look friendly in my photo? Isn’t that what’s important?”

Researchers from both Columbia and Princeton have discovered that people can make drastically different conclusions about a person’s personality when all that changes is a slight variation in facial expression. So listen up, not all smiles are created equal.

This study out of Princeton University and shared in an article by Entrepreneur.com showed that, “impressions from still photos of individuals could be deeply misleading."

Finding the Authentic You

How can you find authenticity in a photo? Well you’re in the right place because this is something that Little’s Photography has specialized in for over 20 years.

From individuals to corporations, great headshots are needed, and it’s an investment. We are experienced in the fine art of not only taking great pictures where you look your best, but creating an environment and interaction where your images are an authentic representation of you at your best! And trust us – not everyone can do it.

We shoot in our studio or on location in Fort Lauderdale and the Broward County area.

Here are some great local businesses who are displaying our headshot work in their company profiles. Check out their sites for yourself and then come back to our site to contact us for your headshot.

Lash & Goldberg, LLP

Tripp Scott, Attorneys at Law

Koncept Events, Wordwide Event Planners

Gray Robinson, they have over 300 lawyers all over Florida. Just hover over their names.

We’d love to work with you. View our headshot portfolio or contact us today at (954) 563-0444.

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