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The 10 Things Every Bride MUST know from their Photographer

1. No Cell Phones. Insist that guest keep cell phones and cameras put away from the start of the ceremony, through your first dance. Many professional shots are ruined by eager amateur photographers. Also, you never really know what they are going to post on IG or Facebook Live.

2. Photography Timeline. 99% of the time, pre-ceremony schedules run late! Always resulting in a compromise in the photography timeline. This is a painful and unnecessary sacrifice. Don’t let this happen to your photographs. They are the one thing you get to keep forever and we know how to prevent it.

3. Lighting and Backgrounds play an important role in all of your photographs and video. The thinking must be done about where key shots are taken and in what light. What will be in the back ground as your toasts are given, will you be standing in front of an exit sign? We do that thinking for you.

4. The Golden Hour. When is the sunset and where will you be? This is your best light. It’s warm, romantic and magical. Once it’s down, it’s dark. We can help you plan to make the most out of this special hour in your timeline.

5. Herding Cats. Group shots or Altar shots is where some people lose it… time that is. It can be like herding cats. If you don’t know how to manage this in advance it’s a recipe for frustration and wasted time. It’s simple if you know what you’re doing. We will handle it for you.

6. All Equipment is Not Created Equal. Yes, a photographer might be a genius with natural light, but what happens when there isn’t any? Most weddings have technically tricky obstacles that require special equipment and the experience to use it. We’ve got it and we know how to use it.

7. Will You Get All the Pictures? YES & NO. It really does sound like you want all the pictures. You really, REALLY don’t. Google stories of people who got all the pictures and you’ll see it’s not fun. Did you know it takes twice as long for professionals to cull and edit the pictures as it does to shoot them? You do not want to take that on. You want the Good and Great ones and it takes some time to get that done. If you get ALL of them, then your photographer is taking a shortcut that’s going to be a real bummer for you.

8. Will Your Photographer be with You All Day? They keep you calm, empower you, run interference with the crazy town guest or family member, AND they are there for the vulnerable moments too. Make sure you like them
and you are really, really comfortable with their energy and personality. It will matter.

9. Details, Details, Details, make interesting video and album spreads. They don’t have to be expensive, but they do need to be quality. Great photography and video wake up the brain and bring you right back to the moment. We know what to look for.

10. What’s that Sound? Audio in your video is a close 2nd to the most important thing. If your video will only have the devices audio to pick up sound, you are going to be disappointed. We are all spoiled with high quality sound every day and you cannot cut that corner on your vows, toasts, and speeches. We’ve got what you need here too.

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