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We Love You Bari...Thanks for being Fierce.

She has a big heart, and a lot of power. She is highly consistent, dependable and loyal without being boring or predictable. She loves deeply and protects with all her might. SHE SAYS YES TO ...
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Bela the Fierce! Our Little's Photography Team

He’s our Fearless Leader, our Rock of Gibraltar, our Protector and Provider and the one we can lean on when life throws you a left hook. I could go on and on about how important he is to me and ...
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20 Years of Photographing People Who Love People!

20 years of photographing people who love people. Where did the time go? Well, I’d like to answer that. I am Jennifer Little, co-owner and one of the original founders of Little’s ...
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She is Fierce! We Love Jelty

She is Fierce! That’s for sure. She’s also clever, helpful, efficient, loving, funny, big hearted, thoughtful, and does impeccable work. I could go on and on but then you’d start to ...
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Cinematography - the Art of Making Motion Pictures

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a short film done well must be priceless. We are so lucky to have our very own cinematographer on staff here at Little’s Photography. Don has a ...
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Collecting Personal Custom Greeting Cards

Presley Bell is a special little girl. She’s not only beautiful, she is a delight to be with. Her Mommy has made it a priority to photograph her with Little’s Photography every year. Then ...
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Let's grow old together.

Yesterday we got to do one of our all time favorite things. We hung brand new family portraits next to the ones we did 8 years ago for a very special family in Cutler Bay (Homestead). I have to tell ...
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Beauty, Grace, and Grand jeté

“That is Incredible!” Is the first thing I thought when I saw this young girl #Grand jeté across the beach like a gazelle. She made it look effortless with the smallest little puff ...
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There is a lot in a Little

Little’s Mini Sessions are perfect for “In-Between” sessions. Sessions where you want to capture a great outfit, dance costume, holiday apparel, or missing front teeth. ...
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Fierce Khye Vogt

Let it be known that our very first #FierceAward was presented yesterday to the team member who is recognized as being a huge contribution to our future as South Florida go to source for photography, ...
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Dancer Mini Sessions

I wish I could show you every picture from this shoot. This young lady is not only beautiful... you should see her dance. Little's Mini Sessions are perfect for "In-Between" sessions, ...
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Happy Mother's Day

The day will come, when she will be to big to sit in your lap. Enjoy this moment while you have it Erica. We captured it for you both. Happy Mother's Day. ~ We provide a candid view that affirms ...
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50% off for Mother's Day

I just heard, from a credible source, that women (not men) buy the most special gifts for the mothers in their lives on Mother’s Day. Now that I’m a foster parent on the path to adoption, ...
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Family Portraits | Your Personal Family Photographer

Wouldn't life be awsome if you had a personal photographer, on call, 24 hours a day, ready to photograph those precious and unexpected moments? Only in a perfect world, but we come pretty close. ...
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What to Wear?

So...You've finally have a date picked out, gotten the kids together, your husband can take a day, and you immediately think: Family photo session! Well, maybe not "immediately", but ...
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Little's Photography Flying High

Little's Photography gets to do all the cool events in town. Last weekend our client Koncept Events hired us to capture a private event held at The 1111 Lincoln Road Garage in South Beach, Miami. ...
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Little's Senior Lifestyle Shoots are in Full Swing!

Hi there! This is Khye, the photographer at Little's Photography. We are in full swing this summer with Senior Lifestyle Sessions. Check this guy out - Jake is at the top of his game this year! ...
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Little's Photography at The Galleria Mall

Little's Photography has displayed our portraits at The Galleria Mall on Sunrise Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale, Florida for many years. There they were gorgeous, fun pictures of families, children, ...
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Graduation and GONE... (catch them while you can)

It is May and Little's Photography is getting ready to start another season of High School Senior photography. The good news is that your teens are home for a little while longer and now is the ...
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Spring Breakin' It | Little's Photography

Spring has sprung, daylight savings time has occured, and it's getting warmer and warmer every day in South Florida! Spring break is in full swing... just beginning for some of you and now ending ...
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Not Photogenic? Ya, we know...

What a beautiful March day here in South Florida! My name is Helene, and mine is the friendly voice that greets you when you call the Little's Photography Studio. I answer all of your questions, ...
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Senior Lifestyle Sessions!

Hi World, This is Khye Vogt, the photographer at Little's Photography. I'm starting to get excited...It's getting to be that time of year again.... Senior Lifestyle Sessions are starting ...
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Humane Society's Walk for the Animals | Little's Photography

Little's Photography was happy to be a Sponsor at the Humane Society's Walk for the Animals on Saturday February 28, 2015. Even though South Florida had bad weather that day, we didn't let ...
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Professional Headshots!

Little's Photography can up your game with a new Professional Headshot for you and your whole team. If your company website is littered with mismatched or out dated directory photos, then your ...
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Honoring Frank McGee

Honoring Frank McGee About one month ago Little's Photography spent the evening with the McGee's at their family reunion in Coral Springs. It was Frank's wish to have his whole family in ...
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