Children & Family Portraits

Why Us

Bring on the Fun

At Little’s Photography, You can count on us not only to capture you looking your best, but also to capture that love and connection you have with your family that is so important. We’ve been delivering on this promise since 1996.

We have one thing that makes us incredibly unique and separates us from any other family portraits photographer in Fort Lauderdale. We shoot in a team with two highly trained professionals. One photographer is focused on the technical stuff that is critical to creating beautiful portraiture and the other is focused on the fun, the creativity, the connection.

We don’t take pretty pictures of what you look like. Anyone can do that, including you – it’s called a selfie! Our difference is that we literally create an experience for you that has you enjoying each other, loving each other, and laughing with each other. That is what people come to us for:

  • Beach or other on-location photo shoots
  • In studio family portraits
  • Sibling photos
  • Generational photos
  • Family reunion photos
  • Family vacation photos (yes we can work with you while you are visiting South Florida)

If you have a little one, we also offer a full range of baby photography from maternity and newborn photo shoots to babies and toddlers. Learn more about our baby services here.


Crafting Your Perfect Photo Shoot

We will work with you to get clear on your unique wants and desires. Give us a call and our photography concierge will walk you through everything you need to know for your perfect family photo shoot – together we’ll choose your location, lighting, style and more. Here is a sneak peek of just a few of the fun choices and steps in the process:

1: Choose Your Location

  • Beach
  • Studio
  • Parks
  • Home

2: Choose Your Lighting

3: Choose Your Style

4: Choose the Date for Your Photo Shoot

5: The Photo Shoot Happens

6: The Big Reveal:

After your photo shoot you will come into to our studio for a private viewing. You will then choose your prints, framing, and photo albums or gifts. If you are from out of town, don’t worry – we can do this via easy video chat.

7: Ta-Da!

Your completed order can be delivered and hung for you, picked up from our studio and frame store, or shipped directly to you. Whatever makes the most sense.

What to Expect

We are dedicated to capturing authentic connections between people. We promise to reveal and preserve your priceless moments. We know how to capture what matters most to you and have you look your best at the same time.

Here’s a little secret – Almost EVERYONE thinks they are not photogenic and that is simply untrue. Plus, just about everyone gets some photo jitters. Part of what makes us special is, our team is trained to get you through those awkward moments so the real you, the awesome you shows up.

What makes an excellent picture? Answer: An excellent experience. That’s what you can count on us for. Every. Single. Time.


How to Use Your Photos

After all, If you’re going to go to all the trouble to get everyone together and looking good, you might as well do it right!

  • Wall Art Collections: Big or small, become a fun focal point in any room. Don’t worry, when we frame them, we hang them too.
  • Add to a growing family gallery: Been blessed with a great life, and have a gallery of favorite photos to prove it? We can add your latest and greatest look to your growing collection.
  • High quality keepsake custom coffee table books and albums are a great way to capture all the fun from your experience in one place and be able to share it with future generations.These albums can be Big and Beautiful or small enough to fit in your pocket.
  • Digital images can be a great way to archive your precious moments and include them in future celebrations like birthdays, anniversaries, and weddings.

Photo gifts: What every grandmother wants for her birthday. Dad wants them for his office. Your friends want to see you on a Christmas Card.


“This was the most fun time we had as a family during a family portrait session. Jen had us feeling relaxed and we never stopped laughing. I highly recommend them for any of your photography needs.”

– Renee Baker M.

“Today was so incredible – you orchestrated it with professional perfection. What would we have done without you??!! We are so thankful you were part of the big day!”

– Angie N.

“They brought out the best in both me and my daughter. I have so many fantastic mother/daughter memories hanging on the walls of our home.”

– Pam B.

“We had an incredible experience with Jennifer and her team. We hired them for my mother-in-laws 90th Birthday to capture our family photos. There were 20 of us in total ranging in age from 2 months to 90 years old. She kept the children engaged while managing many different adult personalities. We were so impressed with their professionalism. Would highly recommend them and will definitely use them again!”

– Becky M.


How much will my family portrait cost?

It’s a little like asking how much Bloomingdales charges. It depends on what you get. We start with a session fee (standard) of $250 for in studio and then you can buy portraits of all sizes, albums of all sizes, digitals of all sizes and more. Our portrait packages start at $375. The price also depends if you are shooting with us once or several times. We will tell you in detail when you call and there are easy to use pricing menus that we can share with you. The overall price is competitive and the value is there.

We are coming to town for vacation. Can you work with us?

Of course! Many of our clients choose us while they are vacationing in the Fort Lauderdale area. And some love the experience so much, they choose us year after year!

We have a large family / reunion group. Can you handle that type of photo shoot?

Sure thing. We have beautiful samples of multi-generational photos that our clients treasure.

How are you going to get my little ones to sit still? They never stop moving.

We don’t try to get them to sit still, we move right along with them. And we have time tested tricks that work every time to get the shots we want. Remember, we do this everyday.

What does it look like to work with you?

It’s fun, but we have to get started. First get in contact, we’d love to hear what you have in mind. We will then walk you through the different possibilities for what we can create together, share pricing and discuss dates. Then we will schedule your photo shoot. After your photo shoot you will come into to our studio for a private viewing called The Big Reveal. You will then choose your prints, framing, and photo albums or gifts in-person with Melanie on our team.

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