Associate Photographer Recruitment Application

There are those who love photography and then there are those who love photography AND have learned the fundamentals of the craft; Mastering manual settings, an understanding of natural and artificial lighting, and basic compositional rules.


To join Little’s Photography Team you’ll need a high level of understanding of the basics to be considered.

Once considered, you start to benefit from our commitment to excellence. Our vetting process is generous with contribution. Whether you are invited to join us or not quite ready, our intention is to develop ourselves (that includes you) beyond what was possible before.

At Little’s Photography, we promise our clients an unforgettable experience resulting in beautiful authentic images. Our methods for consistently producing this result are unconventional and not likely to be any training you will get anywhere else or so we’ve been told. Training with our team has been compared to having a master class in humanity. After all, you can not get beautiful authentic images unless your subject is in a comfortable and engaging environment provided by their beautiful authentic photographer.

Knowing the fundamentals of photography is the starting point. If you are also willing to pursue mastery of human interaction, we hope you apply. We think you’ll love being on our team. More information will be made available to you if you meet the prerequisite. 


Photographer Opportunities: 

Little’s Photography is a collection of highly trained staff photographers and associate photographers. Staff photographers are employed by the studio and are trained in all the various photographic techniques needed to meet the studio’s demands.

Associate photographers are not employees and usually have an area or subject type that they specialize in; headshots, events, family portraits, etc. Once qualified and trained, associate photographers are offered contractual assignments based on their skill set, as opportunities arise. The results produced by associate photographers and their work ethic will be closely monitored and will be the determining factor in future opportunities. 

Future advancements can range from being a favorite “go-to” associate photographer to being invited to join our team as a staff photographer. Our objective is to have our studio be the place where photographers can grow, collaborate, earn a fair wage, be free from the business and sales roles that independent photographers have, be proud of the collective work, and most importantly – THRIVE.


How do you know if you might be a good fit for our team?

You are a good fit if you…

  • Are a person who gives your ALL when you give your word.
  • Can keep your word even when no one is looking.
  • Can be counted on to be where you said you would be, by when you said you would be there, NO MATTER WHAT comes up.
  • Take great pride in your work, appreciate constructive feedback from peers, and are always striving to improve.
  • Love photographing people but not the part where you have to find clients, sell stuff, and ask for money.


Here is how you know you ARE NOT a good fit for our team.

You ARE NOT a good fit if…

  • You are thinking this is a quick and easy way to pick up some more “jobs” without a commitment to the craft, the team, and further developing yourself.
  • You think you are already the best and there is nothing you can learn from our team, and you’re not willing to put the time in to prove it.
  • You are thinking this is a great way to make a name for yourself or expand your own client base.
  • You will take an assignment but then treat it like “a side hustle” and not give it 100%.
  • You are only concerned about what you can get for yourself with little to no regard of what you can also contribute to our team.
  • Your motivation for joining our team is to learn how to run your own photography business.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if I already have a business and I’m already doing my own freelance work?

A: We have found that we can have wonderful workable relationships with photographers who fit this description as long as those photographers (like us) operate with the highest levels of integrity and honor our word and contractual agreements.

Q: What if I have the qualifications but not my own equipment?

A: There are assignments where the studio can/will provide all of the equipment necessary.

Q: What if I have all the gear, experience, but haven’t established a business.

A: Associates are compensated as a 1099 independent contractor.

To begin the application process please fill out the form below. Thank you.