Meet the Team



Meet the Little's Photography Team - Lola

Lola has been part of our studio since she was 12 weeks old.

Named after the Sarah Vaughan song “Whatever Lola Wants” ~

She is here almost every day. She is our greeter, our security guard, and sometimes she works in collections.

She is always available for a tummy rub.

Just don’t try to pick her up. She will look at you like you’re crazy.



Meet the Little's Photography Team - Jennifer

Jennifer co-owns and operates Little’s Photography since 1996. (She was 5 when she incorporated.)

She also co-owns The Frame Studio since 2006.

She is well known in the community for giving her all, whether it be directing a photo shoot, leading her team, or being involved in the community.

She loves big and lives BIG, even though her name is Little.



Meet the Little's Photography Team - Bela

Bela co-owns The Frame Studio and Little’s Photography with his partner and former wife Jennifer Little.

He is one of a kind. If you haven’t met him yet, don’t miss your chance.

You won’t forget this unique character with his deep European accent. The man has impeccable taste and is an expert in design and custom framing.

He’s practically famous in his own mind.



Meet the Little's Photography Team - Melanie

Melanie is a rare find.

She is regularly moved to tears by witnessing other peoples special moments in life.

Yes, she can be a softie but she also knows when to flex her muscles. This is a good thing for our clients. Especially the ones that get all wiggly when asked to make a choice about what to order… Melanie will get you through.

Like a guide who gets you through the majestic rainforest. You’ll leave this place with a smile on your face, thanks to Melanie and her good taste. Wait… did that rhyme?



Meet the Little's Photography Team - Khye

Khye is best known around the studio for being the guy who can see it and create it.

As a photographer, he has a way of turning all of us into something visually pleasing and unexpected.

He’s always in pursuit of mastery in all areas of his life.

The rest of us, including you, get to benefit nicely from that kind of dedication.



Meet the Little's Photography Team - Rakhi

Rakhi is a SUPER STAR photographer!

Not just behind the camera, but in all areas of her life. Her subjects (that’s you) get so comfortable with her. They trust her instantly.

How could you not? Her warm smile is just one sign of the beautiful person she is, inside and out.

That beauty she sources, shows through in the portraits she creates.

One thing we all know about Rakhi is that she will give you her best, every… single… time! You can count on it.



Meet the Little's Photography Team - Jelty

Jelty is true blue; Loyal, faithful, and count-on-able at every turn.

Fondly referred to as “Momma Jelty” around both studios. She’s compassionate and dedicated to the people who matter the most to her, and that includes you.

She is masterful at custom framing. Her extensive background in art lends itself well to helping guide clients through a pleasing framing combination that enhances both their art and the space where it will live.

If that’s not enough to sell you on Jelty, just wait until you meet her in person.

Give her an opening, and her wit will have you giggling to yourself the rest of the day.



Meet the Little's Photography Team - Don

Don This guy…! At first you will think he is quiet and unassuming.

Then once he goes to work on your video project, you can’t help but be blown away by his talent in storytelling and attention to detail.

Believe me when I say, you want to see ALL of your special occasions through his lense.

Your heart will swell and want to burst out of your chest when you see what he captures and how he shows it back to you.

In a word… Priceless.



Meet the Little's Photography Team - Alex

Alex, the newest member on our team is enthusiastic and just as committed as the rest of us to bringing you an experience you’ll talk about for years to come.

He is a photographer and graphic designer, as well as using his skills to magically erase the unwanted distractions on our favorite portraits.

We count on Alex to put the final polish on our favorite shots.

We are also a training and development studio. So from time to time, you might also meet an exceptional person we are training for the next iteration of extraordinary performance. Make sure to say hi to them.

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