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All Headshots are Not Created Equal Have you taken a professional headshot and then the photo doesn’t quite look like you? It matters. Little's Photography is a Fort Lauderdale professional photography company known for bringing out the authentic self in our otherwise, nervous subjects. This is the most important part of the service we offer.

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Why Us

All Headshots are Not Created Equal

Have you taken a professional headshot and then the photo doesn’t quite look like you? It matters. Little’s Photography is a Fort Lauderdale professional photography company known for bringing out the authentic self in our otherwise, nervous subjects. This is the most important part of the service we offer.

Why should you choose us? We know from our years of experience that the most important tip for the perfect headshot is to have the authentic experience of “you” captured in your photo. We take corporate headshots for:

  • Company directories
  • Resumes
  • Portfolios
  • Websites
  • Modeling Pictures
  • Social Media Profiles, LinkedIn, Facebook and more


Whether you are an executive or entrepreneur, an actor or performer, there is a wealth of research on how important your headshot is to your current and future career success. From a face we are able to judge competence, trustworthiness, aggressiveness and more. All it takes for people to make different conclusions about a person’s personality is a slight change in facial expression! This was proven by researches from Princeton and Columbia. Not all smiles are created equal.

  • 1/10 of one second is all it takes for someone to draw conclusions about you based on your photo. Here is a link to the research study
  • 7x more likely to be seen on LinkedIn if you have a profile picture, according to a WSJ article
  • 94% of the time recruiters use LinkedIn, taken from a survey by Job Seeker Nation

Our corporate headshot pricing is $225 for an individual and group rates start at $179.

What to Expect

You can expect an excellent picture. Unlike what most clients are used to from past experiences, our clients actually have fun during our photoshoots and it translates through their eyes. We provide a unique, fun experience where you will look your best.

Experience has taught us that no matter how awesome you are – as soon as someone picks up a camera, all that confidence can go right out the window and the nervous you shows up. Taking the picture is NOT the challenging part, anyone can take a picture. At best, you end up looking like a deer in headlights, or a fancy school picture. Our team is trained to get you through those awkward moments so the real you, the awesome you shows up.

If you are in Fort Lauderdale or the Broward County area, Little’s Photography is experienced in both the fine art of photographing great pictures where you look your best and also creating an environment and interaction where your images are an authentic representation of you at your best! This is what makes our profile images so captivating. Yes, we have the best equipment and lighting too. But it’s your guided experience that makes the difference. You’ll see.


“Our firm has taken all of our Professional Headshots with Littles Photography since we launched our new website ( From day one and throughout all of our most new employees, their entire staff were an indispensable source of knowledge at all times. I highly recommend their business for all law firms business’ in South Florida!”

– Mirelly F

“Jennifer and her staff make photo shoots fun! They have taken several headshots for my business and group shots with friends. They are completely professional and provide a very high quality finished product.”

– Vicky P.

“I’m not one to leave reviews but the experience I had at Little’s Photography is definitely worth talking about. I am not a picture taker, I shy away from taking them. I consider myself to be non-photogenic… I was instantly at ease when I walked into the room! They had me laughing, posing, and smiling for the camera and all of my insecurities disappeared. I had so much fun that even if the pictures didn’t come out good, I would have still been pleased with the overall experience. I just received a portfolio of the pictures I took and the photos came out GREAT!. I am so happy that I decided to go through with this… I give Little’s Photography 5+++ stars and highly recommend them!”

– Heather M.

“On the day of the my appointment I was very nervous. I do not like to have my photo taken, nor am I very photogenic. My photographer was so kind when she told me that all I had to do was smile, and she would do the rest of the work! Then two days later I received the proof …….WOW!!
MY headshots did come out great!!! I will always recommend Little’s Photography to Everyone & Anyone wanting Professional Service, Great Human Interaction, Caring People and a Loving Environment that Captures Life’s Precious Moments.

– Michelle B.

“We use Little’s Photography for all of our company head shots, and they turn out great! They create natural, unforced shots that really capture the personalities of our team.”

– Serena G.

“Working with the staff at Little’s Photography was a great experience. They took the time to explain the process, answer our questions and accommodate our requests. When the day of the session arrived, I met the photographer, Khye, and found him to be extremely knowledgeable as he worked with our schedule to make sure everyone felt at ease for their portrait. The head shots went smoothly and at the end of each session, every one of our employees had the same comment, “Wow! He’s good!”. The business portraits were exactly what we were looking for and we at Pay Governance are pleased to have worked with Little’s Photography.”

– Patti B.

“We formed our company Jan 1, 2017. As we were designing our website, ads, etc it was important for us to have corporate headshots. Kyhe did an amazing job! The pictures came out fabulous. We use the same picture for all of our promos. He did such an amazing job that I used him for my son’s Bar Mitzvah a year later. Thanks Little’s!! I look forward to using you for my next special event”

– Barbara S.


What to wear for a headshot?

Consider your audience. If you are using the images for your profession, opt for a look that suits your industry. Dress head to toe, even though your toes are not in the shot. Bring only one outfit, unless previously discussed please. Should you wear Black or White? That’s what most people think at first. It’s safe. But it also makes you look like everyone else. We suggest you stand out with a flattering pop of color. Wear the color you feel the best in.

Should I retouch my hair and makeup for my headshot?

Retouching is a way of life these days, but we keep it to a flattering minimum so it doesn’t look like you’re hiding something. We reduce circles under the eyes, redness and wrinkles. That is where we stop. There are other things we can do if we need to for an extra charge. However with a little planning you will have the haircut and style that suits you best. For the ladies, it can be extra rewording to have your makeup professionally done.

When and how will I receive my headshot images?

For corporate headshots, you will receive a link to an online gallery within 3 business days of your photoshoot, where you can see a selection of your best images. Once you
choose your favorite(s) and let us know by phone or email, we have the completed
image(s) returned to you by email within 3 business days of your selection. We offer many other other corporate products and services and those time frames can will vary. Just give us a call and we can answer those questions for you.

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