Special Moments Mini Sessions

Why Us

We all have special little moments, but how are we remembering them? Far too often we snap a picture on our cell phone and then it gets lost in a digital wasteland with thousands of other photos.

Then you want to share it with a friend, a family member or on social media. It’s there but where exactly is it? When will you ever look at it and how can you even find it again? It was a special time but you have no way to keep it present for you.

This is why we offer special moment mini-sessions for life’s little moments that just can’t be missed.


Special moment mini-sessions are perfect for:

  • Easter photos
  • Halloween costumes
  • Remembering a dance recital
  • First communion
  • Missing front teeth.
  • Capturing a great new outfit
  • Baby cake smash, plus be sure to check out our baby page to learn more about our offerings.

What to Expect

It’ll be fun and easy. Your special moment mini session is $249 and includes a 20 minute studio session with the look of your choice and your favorite image retouched and delivered in a digital format. We have portrait prints in all sizes starting at $39 and custom framing available too.

Special Moments Mom and Kids


How Long Does it Take?

You can shoot and order in the same day and your photo shoot takes 20 minutes. You could have your complete order in 2 weeks.

When Should I Make an Appointment?

Now! We are a full time, full service studio. We book out quickly and in advance. Do yourself a favor and lock it in now. We will take care of the rest.

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